Workshop and Body

The departments of repair are part of the covered storage building and are one of our greatest strengths, since 1987 our body is able to perform operations on wood and fiberglass hulls, painting and remodeling of the interior and furnishings, while our workshop is able to perform all the maintenance and remedial service of any mechanism part and of any nautical engine.

Body Repairs

Our highly skilled staff, with long-time experience, is able to perform all services incident to painting and remedial of all kinds boats. We realize all services of nautical carpentry and of joinery in addition to complicated works on body in fiberglass or wood.

In particular we realize:

  • Antifouling
  • Cycle osmosis
  • Refining
  • Polishing
  • Assembling bridges, wells, steps and various in teakRepair service of fiberglass
  • Repairs
  • Repair service of seepage of water
  • Repair service of hull
  • Repair service of Gealcoat
  • Repair service of electrical and electronic parts
  • Replacement of interior wallpapaer
  • Replacement of cloths
  • Replacement of pillows


Thanks to the intervention of highly skilled mechanics, we are able to do all the repair services for the maintenance, assistance and reparation of mechanical moving parts of any types of boat.

In particular we do:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Repair service
  • Assistance
  • Battery check
  • Engine check
  • Electrical system check
  • Level check (water oil and fuel)
  • Cleaning and washing of boat
  • Cleaning of engines
  • Cleaning of boards and screws
  • Cleaning of blige